Norchem Industries

In response to the CDC guidelines Norchem will be operating on a reduced hour schedule through April 7th or possibly longer. Temporary hours will be from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM CDT. We will keep our customers updated through regular posting on this website. If you require technical assistance please email or call 708 478-4777 for additional information.

Since 1981, Norchem has developed ground-breaking technology solutions for industrial and commercial chemical processing applications.

Norchem Industries — an innovative designer and manufacturer of chemical preparation and delivery equipment. We specialize in polymer, bentonite, dry additive processing equipment and ASA size emulsifying systems. Our comprehensive-innovative products serve all major global markets.

Norchem Industries product focus:

  • Development of next-generation liquid and dry chemical processing systems
  • Enhanced ASA emulsification for improved sizing response
  • Application of proprietary advanced (rapid) hydration protocols

Norchem’s development team has set industry trends directed at improved chemical processing efficiencies and enhanced chemical response. The result of this dedicated research effort has yielded over 30 patents worldwide in the areas of polymer preparation, ASA sizing, dry additive processing and instrumentation.

Norchem Industries - “The Industry Leader Through Quality and Innovation”