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Liquid Systems

EPIC - Enhanced Polymer Imaging Control

All AnCAT liquid polymer systems, except those requiring pulsed or diaphragm-type liquid polymer injection, are available as EPIC, Enhanced Polymer Imaging Control, systems. The EPIC, laser operated liquid polymer system, is Norchem's latest development in fully automatic polymer processing and control equipment. The EPIC System combines proven AnCAT polymer processing with advanced laser imaging technology to create the most accurate and reliable polymer system available.

The EPIC System, through its automatic laser controller, employs a combination of laser light scattering and absorption principles to precisely control the aqueous polymer solution to within set-point tolerances of � 2.5%, full scale, for concentrations within the control range of 0.2 to 2.0%, volume on volume. The EPIC laser controller establishes a reference point, based on the composition of the aqueous polymer composite and varies the volumetric ratio of neat polymer to dilution water flow rate, holding the active polymer concentration constant and ensuring the quality of the aqueous polymer solution and its performance in the application process.

The Norchem EPIC trademark is your guarantee of highest polymer solution quality resulting in superior polymer program performance.

Epic Diagram