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Dry Systems

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Aqueous Dispersion

Aqueous Dispersion Process

The Powdercat features a modular design which includes the Powdercat (Powder) Processing Module, control panel, volumetric feeder, and hermetically sealed bladed rotor assembly. All are maintenance free and built for easy access and serviceability.

High Impact Polymer Dispersion

It takes a powerful force to reliably produce the highest quality solution or slurry for water, process, and waste water treatment. With Norchem's Powdercat you'll immediately see the difference.

Rotor High Speed Photos

High-speed photos depicting the bladed rotor at the moment of impact with cascading dry polymer stream. The increasing particle angular velocity imparted by the rotor is rapidly intensified to over 3600 feet per minute — prompting frequent collisions and uniform polymer separation prior to wetting.